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International Folkloric Butterfly Inspired Art

About Butterfly Artistry Creations

                                                      About Us                                            

Butterfly Artistry is a showcase of the travel discoveries made by two quintessential New Yorkers. During more than three decades of international art and cultural exploration, their notion that the entire universe revolved around the celebrated ”Big Apple” was humbly tempered by repeated encounters with artisans and the stunning works they create from their natural environs. We’ve collected original classic forms of art from several continents and genres for you to experience a visceral voyage as you select distinctive images that speak to your particular aesthetic. Because each original piece is of course one of a kind, we offer digital reflections of these images transforming them into various textures and styles.       

We introduce to you a time-honored art form popular in West and Central Africa, South America, Brazil, China and other parts of the world expressed in exquisite geometric, portrait, and contemporary patterns. Real butterfly wings are gathered by local artists who fashion them into marvelous images of people, animals, or domestic rural scenes. The beauty of nature and rich folkloric traditions are passed on through these unique masterpieces. Vivid colors in a rich variety of hues are used to create inspiring representations in various sizes, some which are large enough to boast a commanding presence at gatherings instantly becoming the focal point of any space. Butterfly Artistry compliments any design style from Deco to Modern, Contemporary or Classic.

These works of art are made totally from non-endangered butterflies that are raised or gathered by butterfly farms or Individual African native artisans. The butterflies are reared specimens who live out their natural lifespan before being harvested and distributed to insect collectors and butterfly houses around the world. Butterfly farming provides locals an alternative source of income, and artisans who create these impressive originals use only butterfly wings that are in perfect condition without fading or tears. The finest quality of both the wings and workmanship comprise this unparalleled collection that we prepare for you on acid free paper which is then professionally packaged for international shipping.  

Choose from a truly unique genre guaranteed to offer you one of kind original masterpieces ingeniously crafted from individual butterfly wings, as well as digitized canvas images, jewelry, folkloric crafts, and novelty gift items.   

Works of art that introduce a truly unique genre and are certain to be unrivaled.

Email or call us regarding any of our featured artwork.

From all of us at Butterfly Artistry eStore - Thank you and Happy Shopping to you all!




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